Missed group today

Well I missed Dbt group today due to my medicaid transportation issue for today but i was aware of it friday afternoon and had informed my therapist who is the group leader of the issue. My son has been here since Friday and I am beginning to be angry with my brother and his wife for doing what they do and treating my son as if he is not important and does not matter. They put him on the back burner and treat him as a live in babysitter but yet do not give him a damn thing except negativity and put downs. I am tryin to use my skills like turn the mind and GIVE/FAST from interpesonal effectiveness module but it is difficult when I am not completely in my wise mind. My son is the only child I have left in this world that I can see and my brother does not communicate with me regarding him at all. I try to communicate on my end but is difficult when there is no communication from the other parties and my brothers wife treats him wrong and also believes that my mother who has raised my son since birth until last summer and I should have no say and they do not need to discuss what is happening with my child with me or my mother when she can not even deal with her own children effectively.


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