july 28 2006

well i guess i will never trust anyone again…i open my home to help others and alls i get is users…alls i get is people who pretend to be my friends so they can have a place to live and then leave behind my back and expect me to be there storage for there stuff…but then they cant have the decency to even call me or return my calls my emails or anything…i will never trust anyone again…well i am not getting paid for storage so owell u have no stuff left it is all gone…so dont bother coming back…dont come knocking on my door…u were never a friend u were just trying to have everyone elses problems…like claiming u overdosed and hung urself and had a miscarriage and u cut ur self…well let me tell u… u r not and will never b a real cutter…u cut for attention and that is all u r about…u try to b the center of attention and that is sad that u need to feed off of other peoples issues and problems to get attention cause u need to belong somewhere…well that is not how u belong by gaining other peoples issues…well hope ur life is great and prosperous… tc and dont bother with me ever again…u were never a friend… u will always b a user and loser

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/tfischer1979/blog?page=1#ixzz13mDu6WJl


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