june 19 2008

well on my way to the last day of this class and my final is tommorrow and i have come to the conclusion that i am guaranteed to pass this class with atleast a c maybe a b even if i get a 0 on the final since i have gotten all 100s on the quizes havent missed a class and my tests have all been in the 80s with the exception of one which was a 77 and she drops one test so i am set attendance is 10 % of the grade plus if we went to every class we get 4 % added to our total percent and the final is only worth 15 % of our grade so i am not going to stress over it i am just going to come in in the morning and do it and i know i will not get a 0 it will be 80 to 100 questions so even if i get half of them wrong i will still pass the class with a b i believe so i am a bit anxious but trying to just not be since i did well through this whole class but not sure how i will be able to do the next class or how well i will do in my next class which is college composition 1 and starts monday 4 days a week for 2 hours from 8-10am so i will see but i cant sweat that right now got so much other stuff going on and in my head i cant stress that yet

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