>march 30 2008

>i have figured it out the reason i continue to try is because of my fear of success and why have a fear of success i dunno maybe what people expect maybe my expectations maybe a whole lot of shit i cant figure out yet but there has to be a reason i contine to want to die and try but there also has to be a reason i continue to fail do i really want to die am i fearful of living in this fucked up worl much longer than i have i know i am afraid of myself and what i will do at times to myself even when someone else is the one i should be angry at i take it out on myself so i believe everything in my life revolves around fear and anger i dunno i am confused at what i need

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/hopelesslynogood/blog?page=4#ixzz13mJ0qdQY


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