may 13 2006

i am doing prettywell since i got out of the hospital…i am not depressed or suicidal…but my anxiety is still very high…i finally will see my psychiatrist on monday…i am hoping he can do something to help me…i have been very bored lately and need to find something constructive to do with my free time…i miss my children very much and i am working hard to try to get them back…my son is still having a hard time…but the baby starting walking…she is doing well…and the other 2 r doing great…my husband and i are doing better…and we might be getting housing…my brother has been out of jail for almost 3 weeks he has been in california but he is coming back to mass…my husband and i are going to mass for a few days on the 22nd…we are getting a new car from my mom…i got into my first car accident last week but it was nothing…but anyways that is the update on everything i think i didnt leave anything out if i did owell i will add it later… take care everyone

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