may 28 2008

well had a long weekend and went back to school yesterday…i got an 80 on my test from last week and have another one tommorow then another quiz friday morning had a quiz yesterday also and got 100 on that but i dont know even though it is going okay i dont feel like going anymore i am getting depressed already and dont want to stay living here where i am living…i am thinking of going to live on the street for the month…i guess i am just sick of being lied to and manipulated by my room mate and so much other shit that happens here…i have lived on the street in the past for 6 months almost in massachusettes and did fine…it will help me save money and i would be able to stay away from here and all the bullshit that goes on here with his drinking and smoking weed and crack it seems i get caught up in it every month even when i tell him i dont want to and i dont want to be involved i get trapped…he continues to harrass me until i give in then there goes my whole check gone for the month because with him u have to keep getting more and more…then he drinks and smokes weed the rest of the month and it is okay with everyone here even though they say it is not they pay for it for him and allow it…his mom is the worst about it since she is spending her money and going to the store to get it for him…they are nioce people but they dont uinderstand that i cant handle this shit and they dont know he gets me involved with it…i am so stuck…i just want to have some peace but am afraid if i move from here i wont be able to get another place soon and i will be on the streets forever and something could happen to me…i am also afraid i might end up failing school and or missing school and shit like that…i dunno what to do i just know being here is not healthy for me at all


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