may 9 2008

well it is not as bad as my brothers ex girlfriend was saying yesturday…myh mom who has a nursing license went with them to the appointment today so they could find out results of level 3 ultrasound and to get the information straight from the doctor rather than the babies mom who has mental challenges and sometimes doesnt understand what is being said…well anywasy what happened was that the level 2 ultrasound a couple weeks ago they couldnt see the 4 valve of my nieces heart and the brain is not growing…so the level 3 ultrasound shows that there is all 4 vlves and chambers to her heart and that the brain is functioning but is smaller than should be for being 34 weeks in utero and her lungs are normal…but the baby is much smaller than should be so as of right now they are going to induce her labor 3 weeks early shooting for may 29th and the mother will be seen 2 times a week for stress tests and ultrasounds to measure progress with the babies growth and if there are any changes then they will induce her sooner…this is just an update…right now i am just really concerned and scared but also relieved that what was originally thought and told to me is not true and that the baby has a fighting chance that she wouldnt have had if her brain was not functioning and she was missing part of her heart…i am just greratful but still very much worried

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