may 9 2008

I am just outraged at the central virginia community services for the closing of the arise residential treatment center and all the layoffs they pulled yesturday may 7, 2007. i understand that there a financial deficits and that they are unable to bill insurance companys if there crisis stabilization program is within 3 miles of there residential program but why not move the crisis stabilization programming somewhere else in the city where clients in need of residential addiction treatment can still be provided the treatment that is much needed in this community rather than cut the whole thing out. it also frustrates me there choices around who they laid off and who they chose to keep. as a current client of the agency and a reccuring client of the crisis stabilization and residential treatment program it shocks me to see what choices are being made by new directors who dont know these people or really their passion for the work they do. i feel very incofident about the treatment that will be provided and received with the employees that have not been laid off. i can not honestly say that the treatment that is needed will be provided to central virgina community and that i dont feel cofident that services that are needed greatly by many people not just myself will be rendered. there are some employees that you know truly care for people and show there dedication to helping people and not give up on them and then there are the employess that treat it as just another job and dont show that you really matter to the world or as a person you are just someone that comes in there and lets just sit here and bide our time till our 8 hour shift is over. some staff memebers have made a great impact on me my life and where i am today and by closing down a much needed service in this area they are doing a great disservices to the community since so many people in our community need treatment and not only will closing the residential down cause issues for the whole state since so many people that get treatment from arise rersidential will now have to be sent to other places throughout the state which in turn will cause issues for other facilities and also will cause issues for the local court systems the crime amount of people just not getting treatemtn and dying from the disease of addiction and more mental health hospitalizations more emergency room visits and longer waits there. it is my opinion they need to be finding more ways to help the community and bring in more services for mental health and addiction not cut them so many people in this area are need. the directors that are fairly new to the agency and are making the descisions should care about what is needed in the community and the people that are all going to be effected by what choices these people have many they need to be more like the people that they just laid off and care about human lives not about the money. yes money makes the world go round but this is absurd what they have done in the past week and days they need to look at the whole picture not just bits and pieces so many of they staff and therapist have made such an impact on my life and i am sure so many others and i would not be where i am today if it were not for the ones that helped me through the most difficult 2 years of my life from arise i am just very much appalled and feel that something else could be done than what they are doing

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