september 19 2006

No need for you to love me…or for you to waste your time anymore…you are much too good of a person and friend to be a friend to me…i am not worthy to have a friend as good as you…for you aremuch too sincere and careing and thoughtful to be wasting t on me….there are plenty of other much more deserving people out in this world then me for your nurturturing and kindness…for you deserve to have better much better then me aas a friend…someone one who is there for you and some one who will never let you down like i have….someone who can give you much more then i can and ever will be able to give to you tracy….you have done more for methen anyone could have and has ever done for me me in the past few months that we have known eachother and i will never forget you…i am sorry i have let you down as much as i have…i love you with all my heart that i can…honestly there is not much of a heart left there because it has been ripped and torn to shredds too many times i beleive it is irrepairapble…well anyway take care and god bless

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