september 19 2006

i think about dying

end it all

not know the outcome

not caring at all

i think about crying

letting the tears just flow

as i lay down

i feel so low

as i begin to sigh

i just want to go

end all the pain

how can i say no

i wish i was flying

high in the sky

like an angel

please let me die

As i begin to fade

i wonder why

as i begin to cry

i wanna die

please take me awy

dont make make me stay

i cant take things

for not evn another day

just let me go

this world is so cold

how can you tell me no

and that u wont let me go

how can u torture me

and why cant you see

how much all this misery

is killing me

please just leave me be

and let me go no one will miss me

when i am gone

i sincerely promise this to you

from the deepest of my shattered heart

love ya tracy kidd

always remember that you were a beter person then i ever was

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