august 31 2008

Letter To My Daughter
Current mood: sad
Well Autumn it has been a bit over a year since I last saw you and since we talked and said goodbye. Although we said goodbye I wait for the day we meet again and I yearn to hold you in my arms so tight. I may not be able to let go. As much as I miss you I know you are strong and will get through the struggles you will go through in life. I was out by the fire and looked up at the stars remembering all that you went through and our last conversation we had. I told you no matter where you are or where I am we are always underneath the same skye seeing the same moon and stars. It was then that you asked me where I live and said that we are not and I explained to you that no matter what we will be underneath the same skye and you can always look up and know that and i cried then you took nanas camera and told me hold on wait and took a picture of me. You wanted me to send it to you but I dont have your address well actually I do but I am not allowed to have contact with you until you are 18. I wait for that day hoping it would come faster than it is. It seems like forever and its only been just over a year. I cry just thinking bout how much longer itwill be until I see your bright smiling happy face. I wish this never happened but I always know that since I lost you all it has been tough for me but it has mde me stronger and has forced me to look at the inside of me and to start dealing with things from my past that I neevr looked at or dealt with. It has forced me to grow inside and be strong. It hasnt been easy and I still have a long way to go before I will be strong and happy and awaiting that day you and your brothers and Winter come find me. I know its a long ways a way but alls I say is stay strong and keep up all the good you have done so far in your short live so far and you will go far. I love you dearly and miss all of you.


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