august 5 2008

A bit about me
Current mood: awake
I really like to write and would love to correspond with others who like to write…I am 29 years old dont have a lot of friends…talk on the phone alot…write alot…i do alot of self help stuff but tend to give up on them before i finish them…i just moved into my own place after never really living on my own…it is lonely and i am struggling a bit but doing better than i expected myself to do…i started to take classes this summer at the community college and due to start my new classes the last week of august 4 of the 5 are online so i will be online alot if anyone ever really needs to talk…i am very knowledgable about mental health issues, trauma recovery, DBT, and 12 step programs…it is just difficult for me to put the stuff into action but do know the skills if anyone ever has any questions just ask…i have become somewhat more open these past few months since doing and almost completing my trauma recovery and empowerment group and also working on my self injury…i finish my trauma group some august 26th but know that is only the beginning and that i will still have to work at healing myself and begin to work on my past in therapy…i also need to realize my past is not my presant and learn to live for today not yesturday or tommorrow…it has not got me anywhere…i completed 2 classes this summer and that is an accomplishment for me since i so often give up on things when stressed and overwelmed but i made it through completed them and also passed with “A’s” in both my principles of pyschology and college composition 1…i am a sabotager and will usually quit in order to never know if i failed on not but when i wanted to quit i had my therapist and a friend from my trauma group help me through and not let me give up…someday i will have my life together and be able to help others that feel and think the way i do now and have in the past but hope i dont in the future…i want to help others with their struggles and be a therapist…one who knows where they are coming from and have been there rather than just read about…i will be a greta therapist once i get through all the years of schooling i need and when i can overcome my own self destructive behavoirs and my instability


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