september 8 2008

a dream full of fear and not sure what the message my brain was trying to tell me
Current mood: anxious
I awoke to the relief that my dreram was not real this morning. It felt and seemed so real to me at first but i realized it was a dream within seconds. i am not sure where it was centralized at but it was a fearful thing. for some reason i met this girl at an office and i was asked to drive her and her 2 children back to a shelter using a vehicle that was not mine. it all was just so strange. the woman ended up driving instead of me not really sure why except she went to the drivers seat instead so i got in the passengers seat then it was only a few streets away minutes after getting in the car we went through a bunch of barriers and the car started to submerge into the ocean. i managed to get out quickly before it sank past my door but could not get the back door open before the car sank out of site. for a second i stood there in a panic. i could hear the women screaming please help us dont let my us die the children were screaming. i ran from the scene searching for someone to call 911 the first few peoplwould not let me use there phones they were assholes and told me i was crazy no car was in that water. i then ran the few blocks back to the office and finally after a couple explanations someone called 911 when the firemen got to the scene they questioned me in detail seeming like they didnt believe me either after a few different ones questioned me alls i could do was yell at them telling them they were letting people die to do something. one of them yelled to the rest telling them they know where it is and could here someone screaming. it seemed not long after they were pulling this vehicle up out of the water and i could see the children in the back window. their faces so much afraid. so scared then the women emerged from the vehicle crying with joy so i am sorry. so sorry i didnt want to die thank you i really didnt want to die. she told me that although she wanted to before this all happened this had changed her mind and she would nevr think about or act on her suicidal feelings again. she promised me she would ge t help. then all sorts of news reporters showed up and i ran from the scene crying. i then woke up crying.


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