january 16 2008

okay so i have fucked up again for the millionth time in my life i have failed i am not sure whether i need to keep going to therapy dbt and other treatment since i already know i am a failure and will never amount to anything i already know my life is unstable and i already know i am choosing my path at life so what i went 2 months w/ fucking up alls that really matters is the fact that i fucked up not the past 2 months…so why do i need a therapist to know that i am a fuckup i already am well aware of that, why do i need any treatment to see that i am a failure and cant seem to get anywhere in life…this who i am and what i have been my whole life and alls i need to do is quit trying to do what everone else wants me to and quit trying to change into who they want me to be…i cant be who and what everyone wants me to because i am a failure this is e and this is who i am who i have always been and who i will always be…nothing i do changes it no matter how much i try to become someone else


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