my mom dated my fathers older half brother for a bit over 6 years during this time i went through numerous sexual abuse by him and after i told her while i was in an inpatient psychiatric hospital for the 6th time in less than a year she still stayed with him. she told me pretty much that she didnt believe me and asked questions about how he acted in bed and stuff and then told me anyone could know this stuff. and did not care. i struggle all the time till this day 13 years later feeling i never mattered to her that she allowed the stuff to happen that he was more important and sometimes i feel it was my fault cause i knew it was wrong and allowed it to go on for so many years and i guess i liked having him stick up for me when my mom would beat me and i liked the attention he gave me and how he protected me and gave me money and things. not sure but i know some of it was my fault for not stopping it and continueing to allow it to occur and keeping it a secret


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