january 15 2008

my son
Current mood: ashamed
i realize that i can not do this much longer…i feel so trapped and like there is no way out…my hands are tied…he is my son but yet she has raised him from birth…she has caused him so much instability and nothing i have ever wanted for him has ever mattered…now she tells me one night she wants to just let me have him and take care of him knowing how much pain i am from losing my parental rights to my other kids and that she needs time to herself and to get away he she is having difficulties with him…he took off from the house and couldnt be found…so of course i jumped i say i will do it she told me she didnt want to move him again and switch his schools and she wants me to take care of him…but yet then the next night she sounds like she is staying and is going to be there to control me and fuck with my head like so many times before… she has done this allowed me to have him and then took him from me when we disagreed about something else nothing to do with corey…so i dont want her to fuck with my head again…i just want out of this world


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