november 3 2007

the storm of me
Current mood: contemplative
I am drowning in all these lonely emotions. I feel lost In this deep dark ocean that seems like it never has any shores in sight for me to lay my head upon and rest. I continue to have these endless hopeless waves crash over my head drowning me in agony and dont know how much longer i can continue to hold on. I am treading these waters and trying so hard to find anything insight even just a far off island in the distance would give me some hope, but i cant seem to find anything. Ther more I swim deep into these dangerous waters of desperation and despair the more I find there isnt even a single iceberg out here in these treachurous waters that I am living in each and everyday. The darkened ocean and deep gray sky is all I see everyday engraved in my mind. As this storm continues with no end in sight I continue to swim and life passes me by. Day in and day out its the same neverending storm and the waves just continue to grow stronger everyday almost overpowering at times and I feel like this has to be the end. I cant go on anymore and then I swim on some more. Why?


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