Let Me Into Your Heart – Poetry Poetry – poem, poetry, emo


Let Me Into Your Heart – Poetry Poetry – poem, poetry, emo

I feel your heartbreak, it soaks through your clothes,
you smile at me as though nothing is wrong,
I can’t help but feel the terrible situation you are in,
I ask if you need help, but you decline,
You are not one, to moan and whine.
I try to help you, I honestly do,
But no matter what, you fight it alone.
I see your cuts that you try to hide,
I see your tears that are running down your cheeks,
I see every time you frown,
But you don’t see me,
You know that I’m here, but you don’t want my help.
I might not believe in Guardian Angels,
I know when someone has a purpose, and mine’s you.
Please, let me into your heart, to mend it,
To sew up what that abomination of a boyfriend cut open,
Let me into your heart, to give you mine.



Let Me Go, Suicide Poems


Let Me Go, Suicide Poems

Let Me Go

Just a girl
In this world while it twirls when it whirls
her head in a haze
can’t seem to find away out
If she screams no matter what she shouts
Not a soul hears her cry
There’s nothing but dark skies
She’s consumed by her morbid thoughts
Everything around, the pain has brought
Her slit wrists
Her bloody grip
She raised her arm once more
on the bathroom floor
the blood reaches her neck life flows out
still not a soul listens for her shout
she’s left she’s flown
to a happier place
where even her scars are no disgrace
that girl now has a smile on her face

Source: Let Me Go, Suicide Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/let-me-go-2#ixzz25vwwKYtr