Invisible vs Visible Illnesses

A complicated person, with a complicated life

National (Mental) Health Blog Post


I’m doing an alternative prompt today.  Invisible Illness vs. Visible Illness.  Pros and Cons.

Most of my illnesses are invisible both my mental health issues and my physical health issues as well.  At times I crack and you are able to see the madness within.  I will catch myself conversing, bargaining or arguing with the voices out loud in public once in awhile.  There have been occasions where I have burst into tears in public.  My anxiety has been so noticeable at work a couple times where I was asked to sit down and gather myself.  I have a few scars from self-harm that are visible if you look close enough.  Yet for the most part I appear normal, the majority of my mental illnesses are internal and therefore invisible.  It has it’s pros: people aren’t scared of me, I can sometimes convince myself “I’m like…

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