To share or not to share?

I think for me sometimes I do not know how to decern what to and what not to share with people. This is a boundary issue for me. I ws always silent and afraid to speak about what went on in my life. Then when I realized i could I did not hide it nor do I hide it now. I let people know I have mental health issues from the start or any relationship. That then gives them the option to escape at the time rather than invest anything.

A complicated person, with a complicated life

National (Mental) Health Blog Post:

Disclosure post.  How do you decide what to share?  What do/don’t you share.


I share most of what is going on in my life.  Some of it is written for me to process or refer back to.  Some of it is written to vent.  Some is written as a picture to other people what life is like with a serious mental illness.  I try not to be to graphic in anything I share.  I may talk a lot of self-harm but rarely give specifics and will never post pictures of it, the main reason is I don’t want to glorify self-harm.  As regarding what I do/don’t share.  As I said I do share much of what is going on in my life, at times I password protect posts that I would have a hard time with if I got negative feedback or comments on…

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