Look what I think

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 5:08AM

The fear does not disappear just because a few days you pretend you care. I cope better with it some days does that mean there may be hope? I cannot find a way out with so much doubt. Would like to escape this dooming fate. Is it that you believe I don’t try and all I do is cry? Silently you wish me gone thinking it would be better but it really wouldn’t matter. Pretend you are deaf dumb or blind but don’t let me lose my mind. Let me fall don’t answer the call. Ignore me and what I need how come you don’t see my pain you won’t help me what do you gain does it feel good when you try knowing you can make me cry does it make it better making me believe I never will matter I hate feel like this inside I would rather die then sit here and cry all the time everything is not fine

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