July 19 2008

essay needing to get done no more class
well i am all done my classes 4 this symester but i still had a quiz and an essay to complete…well i did the quiz today but am in no mood to do this essay…i just want to not do it…i know that i will still pass the class with like a c or d if i dont do it…but it is 20% of my grade and if i dont do it i will pass but if i do it i will get atleast a B but may get an A…although i want to get an A in the class what happens if i get a B…i dont want a B…i just want to be done with this class…next symester i am taking english 112 with the same teacher and what happens if he gets mad because i blew the last essay of english 111 off then he might not give me good grades next symester…next symester i am taking 5 classes 4 online and 1 at the college i know i need to learn to motivate with this online class shit because i procrastinate everything lately and have been very unmotivated i need to start managing my time and be able to be with myself and make myself do things even when i dont want to but i really feel like i cant right now…i think i need to go into the hospital soon because i am getting depressed and dont wanna do anything…i dunno anymore the essay is only 3-5 pages but really dont have an energy or motivation or want to do it


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