The changes since I have been here 2 years ago

So much has gone on in 2 years. I moved to a small town. I lost my mental health worker I had and we are now just friends with her, thats what she calls it anyways! Though the friendship has become distanced and seems to have faded away almost does not exist anymore. My life is more stable than it was but still a struggle at times to survive. I am getting to know local people. I started with a new company for my mental health services. Things seem ok in this very second. Its been a long winding road and very up and down but seems to be leveling out!

Daily Life and My Avoidance

I have not been here in a really long time. A lot has changed since I was writing my daily blog as a journal back then. A few key things are that my best friend who at the time was not my friend but instead a worker has changed jobs allowing for us to be friends outside the mental health field. well that went well for a while and I stayed at her place last summer helping out with her sick dying father having a good summer getting to know her extended family and being apart of real life and people. Then I moved to a new town at the end of the summer where I thought it would be the greatest thing that happened in a long time living wise. I however found that it has driven my only friendship into more of a distanced friendship. Not long after…

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