I am 35 years old. I have struggled throughout my life with many issues and currently still do. However, things appear to be getting better in my life and how I am able to cope and face lifes difficulties. At the moment things seems to be okay, although they usually are up and down for me. I oldest child is now 20 and on his own in this big world. I struggle daily to function in society with a mental illness and to “normalize” whatever that may mean and seem to have stabilized my life and function currently better than I ever have. I still have difficulties but am better equipped to cope with them at that moment. I have recently met some new people and am beginning to grow in my socialization. I also jave started to review products to consume someof my many boring hours I had nothing to do. I have met a new group of ladies here close to my new residence in a small town I moved to 9 months ago and hopefully will continue to grow.


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  1. I hope things in your life can continue on a positive note. I know a young woman going through something similar but she’s trying just like you. Enjoyed reading your articles. Thank you for following my blog. Can you follow http://www.TheMarthaReview.com as my other WordPress one is inactive. Thank you and have a wonderful day with your son.

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