Remember: A Poem on Recovering Innocence After Abuse

Remember: A Poem on Recovering Innocence After Abuse

written by:Jane Rowan 
Remember how it began
you were everywhere
in the trees, the rocks,
running through like a golden thread
seeping like water
no form only soul
delighting in all being,
then in your incarnated being
fingers, toes, belly, spit.
Remember how it began
offspring of the world
infinite, unbounded, confident
in your connection.
Soon enough you learned boundaries
and how it was to be violated.
Schoolbooks, grades, family fights,
starched dresses, silence,
cowboys and Indians,
secrets, rape.
Half a century later
you unlearned, pulling
the barbed strands
from the living flesh
weeping oceans to sail
home on, in the wind of change
to the harbor of arms,
small again, in the lap of acceptance.
Huge waves of love, a tempest.
Quiet now, can you accept the miraculous
ordinariness of being just a part
of it all—branches, chickadees,
laundry on the line, clouds, sleeping cats.



20 August, 2011 16:10

Hope gives you the strength to keep going
When you feel like giving up.
Don’t ever quit believing in yourself.
As long as you believe you can,
You will have a reason for trying.
Don’t let anyone hold your happiness
In their hands; hold it in yours,
So it will always be within your reach.
Don’t measure success or failure
By material wealth, but by how you feel;
Our feelings indicate the richness of our lives.
Don’t let bad moments make a quitter
Out of you;
Be patient and they will pass.
By seeing them through
You will become a winner.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for help;
We all need it from time to time.
Don’t run away from love but towards love,
Because it is our deepest joy.
Don’t wait for what you want to come to you;
Go after it with all that you are,
Knowing that life will meet you halfway.
Don’t feel like you’ve lost
When plans and dreams fall short of your hopes.
Any time you learn something new
About yourself or about life,
You have progressed.
Don’t do anything that takes away
From your self-respect;
Feeling good about yourself
Is essential to feeling good about life..
Don’t ever forget how to laugh
Or be too proud to cry.
It is by doing both
That we live life to its fullest….

— Nancye Sims

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Farewell By: Matthew Groff



Open our eyes and the world can seem a scary place. Open our minds and the choices can overwhelm. Open our hearts, and we may feel a need to lessen the pain. Look to our souls to choose a path. Remember the joy, remember the discovery, Remember all we h…ave learned, Remember the friendship, remember the love… With feeling. Remember the pain, for what it taught us About ourselves, about our world. But, remember with mindfulness, And let the hurt go. In the darkest and coldest of nights, Our fearful or angery expectations will not serve us. But our dreams of a brighter warmer day Will illuminate a path to that dawn. Hope heals, hope sustains, Hope can warm cold hearts and open closed minds. To forgive ourselves, to forgive others, To dream of a better world that yet may be, This is love. To act on love, To be willing to strive and sacrifice For the growth and healing, Of ourselves and others, Is to be responsibly human. With such humans I have fought alongside for what I believes is just and fair, With such humans, I have wept, With such humans I have laughed, With such humans I have even vented and stormed. I have seen more than my fair share of bright warm days. Now, not by choice I must go. Without expectation that I will see days as bright or warm, Or coworkers as responsibly human. But with hope that I may be able to appreciate, How bright those tomorrows may be, And how responsibly human those future coworkers may be, Or, may yet become. When we look to the future, We create paths of energy That draws those futures to us. Always dream of brighter days… Especially in the dark cold nights. See More

By: Matthew Groff


To Live and To Love, Poems about Life Struggles


To Live and To Love, Poems about Life Struggles.


© Elizabeth McCrorie
We were put on this planet
To live and to love.
To cherish the ones in our lives.
And never let them get hurt…….
Safety is a priority
But danger is an outcome.
Why is it, that we work so very hard?
For something that will still happen
in the end……..
Should we care about our lives,
Or sit and waste it away.
“It doesn’t matter, were all going to
die someday!”
These words fill our heads
With sad confusion. There’s no end
We get lost with the love
We want to have.
There is no conclusion to all
this pain.
But an answer that comes
Just the same.
The negative side seems to win,
But the positive side seems to
We are who we choose to be,
So be careful who you choose.
Love everyday like there is no
And give to others the joy of life
So no one will hurt.
Love, And love will love you back.
Open your arms to life
And life will hug you back!
Don’t be scared!
Life is still a one time thing!

Source: To Live and To Love, Poem about Life Struggles


Life Is Worth Living, Poems about Life Struggles


Life Is Worth Living, Poems about Life Struggles.

Life is worth living


© V.sowmya
Sometimes the days goes by
And turns into years
But the mind ponders backwards
Trying to search, find and analyze
The moment of glory, joy and anguish
The ecstasy at its unreachable destination
storming and swaying here and there
The heart overtaking the mind
And being in its own bliss
The ever-growing passion of want
Makes itself the king of existence
Life still a merry to live and relish.

Source: Life Is Worth Living, Poem about Life Struggles


Through It All, Poems about Life Struggles

Through It All, Poems about Life Struggles.

I wrote this poem on my 16 birthday just to show that even though my life isn’t perfect I still love it and wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Through It All

Friends come and go
Life flies by right before your eyes.
You loose ones you love
Yet through it all you still love your life.

People leave you to fight alone
You put on a fake smile to hide all your pain
Yet someone still knows your hurt.

Through it all you still put on a front to satisfy those around you
Thorough it all you wouldn’t change a thing
Through it all you wouldn’t trade your life for fame.

You build a wall to try to keep from getting hurt
You lock up you heart and throw away the key to see who cares enough to look for the key
Through it all there’s not many people that got you to open up yet still you love it all.

Struggles meet you in the face to watch you slip up
Yet through it all you wouldn’t change a thing.

Through it all you wouldn’t change a thing
Through it all you wouldn’t trade your life for fame.

Source: Through It All, Poem about Life Struggles




I find myself in a dark place.
It is not physical.
It cannot be seen.
It found a nest within me
And started to grow and take over.
It prevents me from doing what I want.
It is weakening my will.
Though it is within me,
I find that I look out from inside it.
It surrounds me,
Almost drowns me.
I manage to rise to the surface
And catch my breath once in awhile.
This is what I’m doing now.
To express myself is to breathe.
My breathing is desperate
Therefore my thoughts can be incomprehensible.
I do not know what this dark place is,
But I do know that I am not alone.
If you understand and visualize what I write,
You know about that dark place
That has become part of you,
That part that pulls you down.

Alex M.




Under the scars and the tattoos
Dwells a man who cares.
Under the hate and the anger
Lives love and compassion.
Under the mask of “Fuck it, I just don’t care!”
Lives hope and dreams.
Under the “I don’t need anyone” role I play
Is a desire to trust.
Under the blood stains on my hands
I find shame.
Under the cold outside
Is a man who needs to be loved.
Under the biker, killer, convict
Is a father, a son, a brother, an uncle and a friend.

I’m like a bucket of water in prison
Who would like to be poured back into the streams of life.
So I ask God Almighty to forgive me
For pouring my bucket of water in the sand.

Rick M.

My Friend Is Sinking., Addiction Poems about Friends

My Friend Is Sinking., Addiction Poems about Friends

My Friend Is Sinking

© Danielle Lollis
Sitting here unaccompanied, concerned and not knowing what to do.
Should I attempt to save you, what have I got to prove?
I’ve already waded my way through a life packed with addicts.
Can I live through one more? Through all the pain you inflict?
Lives have been lost. People I loved, trusted, and admired.
All lost in addictions, what all has transpired?
You forget your friends, and family that care.
All you care about is drinking and dancing while flipping you hair.
When you see video of you drunk you think it’s funny and laugh with glee.
All the while the rest of us are hoping you can just f***ing see!
See how you are, the way you act!
You act like a moron and physically attack.
How can you continue when you almost lost me as a friend?
I guess 10 years mean nothing when you get to the bottles end.
Why do what you’ve said you would? Acid is so much more fun!
I can’t go on watching you drown, maybe the addictions already won.
What should I do? Should I cut my losses? Just walk away?
If I asked you to stop to save our friendship what would you say?
Would you tell me it’s you life and to go to hell?
Would you see you need help or just f***ing bail?
I’m at my wits end; I can’t even answer your call.
The drugs and bottle have got you enthrall.
What do I do, dear God what can I do?
When you see a friend drowning and are unable to rescue.

Source: My Friend Is Sinking Into Addiction, Addiction Poem

Let Me Go, Suicide Poems


Let Me Go, Suicide Poems

Let Me Go

Just a girl
In this world while it twirls when it whirls
her head in a haze
can’t seem to find away out
If she screams no matter what she shouts
Not a soul hears her cry
There’s nothing but dark skies
She’s consumed by her morbid thoughts
Everything around, the pain has brought
Her slit wrists
Her bloody grip
She raised her arm once more
on the bathroom floor
the blood reaches her neck life flows out
still not a soul listens for her shout
she’s left she’s flown
to a happier place
where even her scars are no disgrace
that girl now has a smile on her face

Source: Let Me Go, Suicide Poem