A Cutters Mind

I did not write this I only feel that it expresses some of the things that I felt at times in my life and I still feel here and there.

A Cutters Mind
by Brittany Twloha Hope
Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 10:49pm.

The pain lifts my feet off the ground

Suddenly there’s blood all around

Why can’t I be a normal kid

Why must I always flip my lid

I hate this fucking life

My pain always ends with a knife

Struggling to get through the day

Fake it like it’s all okay

With a quick slit on my wrist it all goes away

Don’t try and tell me I’m not insane

Don’t tell me I don’t know pain

Cuttings all I’ve ever known

No where’s safe not even home

I’ll slit my wrists tonight

Watch myself bleed out alright

I don’t wanna be here

I can’t even cry not a single tear

Bleed out the voice inside said

It wont be happy till I’m dead

I promised I’d stay clean

So I’ll make sure the cuts are unseen

I’ll wear a jacket and hide the scar

I’ll fulfill my dream and get hit by a car

What if there is a hell I ask myself

So I leave the pills on the shelf

But I go for my razors instead

Cut myself till I’m dead

All my clothes are stained with red

Blood stains on my bed

Fall deeper into the darkness

Slit my wrist while the razors at its sharpest

The blackness consumes me

It ultimately dooms me

This pain is getting old

I can’t wait till I’m dead and cold

How does everyone else survive

The pain is how I know I’m alive

One day I’m gonna slip and go to deep

Then I’ll be forever asleep

Hang the noose around a limb

A sad girl so lost and grim

Gag on the pills as they go down

A sad girl screams without a sound

No one cares no one can understand

No one even offers a helping hand

She tells everyone she wants to die

No one notices her cry

Slowly she brings the gun to her head

Pulls the trigger now she’s dead